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July 13, 2020

5/27/2020 11:45:00 AM
Community Foundation announces 2020 scholarships

Presenting the 2020 recipients of scholarships endowed at the Jennings County Community Foundation.

Joanie Van Horn, executive director, and Stevi Wilson presented these awards via a previously recorded video.

"This is a different year for us to present this way," she began.
Nevertheless, the social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19 does nothing to detract from the accomplishments of the Class of 2020.

The local Foundation's mission is to develop endowments that will greatly improve the quality of life for Jennings County residents in perpetuity; to provide responsible stewardship of those gifts; to promote leadership in addressing community issues; and to make grants in the fields of community service, social service, education, health, environment and the arts.

"Congratulations for your hard work and the effort you put in," Van Horn told the audience.

Here are the scholarships, their descriptions and the recipients:

Lilly Endowment Community Scholar
Full tuition at any Indiana college or university, plus a stipend for books.

Ashly Jacobi

Community Scholar Runner-Up Award from Foundation

Ellie Hearne

AmVets Edgar D. Whitcomb Scholarship
This scholarship fund was created for qualified students graduating from Jennings County High School, who are deserving of financial assistance and who are likely to succeed in their post-secondary studies. This year one $450 award will be given.

Anthony Siener

Bob Barber Memorial Scholarship
These $500 scholarships are being awarded to a senior who participated in baseball and one who participated in golf.

Kyle Wilson -Baseball
Connor Cook - Boys Golf

Bob & Joan Belschwender Memorial Scholarship
This $300 scholarship was created in memory of Bob & Joan Belschwen-der, residents of Jennings from 1964 to 2014. Bob retired after 20 years in the army as a Chief Warrant Officer W-3. Joan worked in banking for 23 years, retiring from Union Bank & Trust in 1988. This scholarship is for a graduate who will study full time at a school in Indiana.

Izabelle Daugherty

Branham Family Scholarship
$300 scholarship funded by the Branham Family for a student who plans to pursue a post-secondary education.

Reagan Gatrell

Iva Wilder Memorial - Brush Creek Elementary PTO
Two $250 scholarships are given in memory of Iva Wilder, a teaching assistant at Brush Creek Elementary, to two students who attended at least three years and graduated from BCE.

Izabelle Daugherty
Haven Hanna

Chick Helm Memorial Scholarship
This $200 scholarship is given in memory of Chick Helm to a student who plans to pursue a post-secondary education at an accredited two-year or four-year public or private institution in the field of Music.

Kylean Lacey

Chris Daeger Memorial Scholarship
This $500 scholarship is given in memory of Chris Daeger to a student who plans to pursue education at an accredited institution.

Abigail Vogel

Daniel J. Elsner Scholarship
These five $1,000 awards and one $500 award to a college-bound senior, in memory of Daniel, a 1984 graduate of JCHS.

Sadie Marsh
Abigail Vogel
Connor Cook
Katelynn Mahoney
Mackenzie Wilson

Christian Brooks- $500

Donald Hearne Scholarship
This $250 scholarship is given in memory of Donald Hearne to a student who plans to pursue a post-secondary education at an accredited two-or four-year institution.

Wyatt St. John

Donnie Ellerbrook Scholarship
This $500 and two $250 scholarships were established to honor and pay tribute to Donnie Ellerbrook before his death by his family and friends. The award is given to a track athlete who will be furthering their education.

Jena Walker

Izabelle Daugherty
Mackenzie Wilson

Edward & Marjorie Kehrt Memorial Scholarship
This $1,243.87 scholarship is given to a student who attended Hayden Elementary.
Carter Leak

Francis Brooks Hicks Scholarship
This $900 scholarship goes to a JCHS senior who will attend an Indiana college or university and will major in elementary education.

Emma Morrison

Jacky Koenig, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was created in memory of Jacky Koenig, Jr. who was a graduate of Jennings County High School. It is awarded to a senior who was a member of the Track and Field or Cross Country teams at JCHSl and will be attending a public or private institution of post-secondary learning.

Anthony Siener
Emma Morrison
Izabelle Daugherty

Jan Ludwig Memorial Scholarship
This $300 scholarship is given in memory of Jan Ludwig, who was a special needs teacher in Jennings County. It is awarded to a senior who plans to enter the field of special needs education to help students with learning difficulties, speech, or hearing problems, or physical challenges.

Emma Morrison

JCHS Alumni Scholarship
This scholarship encourages students to pursue higher education.

Wren Bevers
Sadie Marsh
Aaron Martin

Jennings County ARC
$500 to a student who will study Special Education in memory of Tanya. She was a client at DSI Workshop and was always thinking of ways to make everyone happy; such as, giving special crafts or baked goods. She was always pleasant and a joy to be around.

Emma Morrison

Jennings Water/ Edward Wessel Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 in memory of Edward Wessel, former president of Jennings Water, Inc. to a student whose parent/guardian is a member.

Alex Kipper

Jerry Earl Memorial Scholarship
$500 in memory of Jerry Earl awarded to a senior intending to major in education and enrolled at IU.

Haley Grace Pittman
Joan L. Bentz Memorial Scholarship
$500 scholarships are given by the Bentz Family to a senior attending Purdue or Indiana University.

Katie Pappenheim
Kayla Pappenheim

John & Alice Wohrer Memorial Scholarship
This $1,512.36 scholarship goes to a JCHS graduate of Hayden Elementary who plans to major in education.

Wren Bevers

Jordyn E. Vance Memorial Scholarship
$500 award to a graduate of St. Mary's School.

Abigail Vogel

Josiah Yeager Memorial Scholarship
These $350 scholarships are given in memory of Josiah Yeager, son of Gary and Joyce Yeager, to deserving seniors who have participated in varsity athletics.

Emily Montgomery
Anthony Siener

Lance Green Memorial Scholarship
$500 to a student most likely to succeed in their post-secondary studies.

Zane Law

Luke Elsner Memorial Scholarship
$1,600 awards to a college-bound, Jennings senior pursuing studies in an agriculture field.

Nathaniel McDonald
Jena Walker
Izabelle Daugherty

Luke Johnson Memorial Sholarship
$500 awards and one $250 award in memory of Luke Johnson, a member of the class of 2003, to a deserving senior.

Baylee Byford
Izabelle Daugherty
Jaydan Vanosdol
Alexa Boyd- $250

Margaret C. Jackson Scholarship
This scholarship is given in memory of Margaret C. Jackson, an elementary teacher here for 30 years. $500 to a student pursuing a career in elementary education.

Dakota Collins

Martha Vogel Memorial Scholarship
These $508.18 scholarship is in memory of Martha Vogel, a 1997 graduate of JCHS.

Cameron Woodard
Jenna Walker

Merrill & Joyce Salyers
$400 for a student studying for guidance or industrial Arts.
Alexis South

North Vernon Elementary PTO-Tara Montgomery Burnett Memorial Scholarship
These $500 scholarships are given to students who attended NVE and have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Ellie Hearne
Kayla Pappenheim

Pat O'Connor Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given in memory of Pat O'Connor to a student pursuing their education.

Izabelle Daugherty

Rondal Lee Ballard/ Adrian Memorial Scholarship
$300 scholarships established in memory of Rondal who died at age 6 due to an unexpected illness. They are awarded to a JCHS senior who attended Scipio Elementary and a senior who attended St. Mary's Catholic School.

Joseph Kelley - St. Mary's
Reagan Gatrell -Scipio

Samuel D. Coquerille Memorial Scholarship
This $500 scholarship is given in memory of Samuel D. Coquerille to a student who plans a degree in Theatre Arts at Indiana State University or another in state University.

Shaylee Mullikin

Tod A. Sporleder Scholarship
$250 awards are given by the Sporleder family in memory of their son, Tod, a member of the Class of 1986 and involved in band and 4-H.
Kylean Lacey - Band
Jaydan Vanosdol -

Women's Giving Circle Scholarship
$500 scholarship to a senior girl who has attended at least one REACH Conference. This fund was established to provide an endowment that will enable women to support the community in various projects.

Claire Ashcraft

Anthony Burton Scholarship
$500 scholarship established in honor of Anthony Burton, a DARE Officer, who was killed in the line of duty. To a student who plans a career in law enforcement or criminology.

Samantha Goff

Branden Back Memorial Scholarship
$500 scholarship in memory of Branden Back, a student at JCHS for a senior pursuing a degree in nursing to honor the many nurses who took care of Branden.

Sadie Marsh

Cecil H. Boardman Skilled Trades Scholarship
$1,000 scholarship to a student who plans to enter a skilled trade.

Natalie Spicer

Chad Earnhart Memorial Scholarshlip
These $500 scholarships were established in honor of Chad Earnhart, a Mechanical Engineer at AAM Powertrain. He was the first employee hired in 1993. These scholarships go to students who attend an accredited Indiana College or University and majors in engineering science.

Cameron Woodard
Joseph Kelley
Samuel Bennett
Aaron Martin

Charles & Mildred Hurley Scholarship
$500 scholarship in memory of Charles Hurley, former coach and principal at NVHS and JCHS, and Mildred "Nan" Hurley, long-time elementary teacher at NV Elementary, to a senior admitted to IU.

Joseph Kelley

Coffee Creek Conservatoin Club Sholarship
$500 awards on basis of scholastic achievement, financial need, personal development, social involvement, field of study, and promise of success.
Zane Law - In Memory of Bill Hance
Hanah Bertram
Baylee Byford
Wyatt St. John
Jena Walker
Abigail Vogel

Dorothy Hollister Hall/Bruce Hollister Hall/David Custer Hall
$2,700 scholarship established by the family and friends of Dorothy Hall, teacher in the first North Vernon Kindergar-ten and her sons, Bruce and David Hall. It is for a senior who has demonstrated integrity of character, academic success, and good school citizenship.

Anthony Siener

Donovan Howard Memorial Scholarship
This $425 scholarship was established by Brent Byford to honor Donovan Howard for his years of service to the JCHS golf team. Recipient must have participated in golf.

Joseph Kelley

Eric Berkshire Scholarship for Arts
$250 scholarship for the field of study in the arts, music, visual or written.

Autumn Short

Eric Thompson Memorial Scholarship
$500 scholarships for students most likely to succeed in their line of work.

Joseph Kelley
Eric Jordan

Ethan J. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship
$1,500 scholarships in memory of Ethan J. Reynolds, a 1989 graduate of JCHS and a 1972 graduate of Vincennes University to be awarded to a senior attending VU whose achievements and goals best exemplify the commitment that Ethan demonstrated in his pursuit and his courage in overcoming adversity.

Natalie Spicer
Nathaniel McDonald

Frank & Amanda Carlock Scholarship
$900 scholarship is awarded to a student living in the Paris Crossing area or who attended Hayden Elementary.

Wyatt St. John

JC Farm Bureau Future Farmers of America
Haven Hanna
JC Farm Bureau

Nathaniel McDonald
Jaydan Vanosdol
Brooklyn Hill
Wyatt St. John
Emily Montgomery
Alexa Boyd

JCHS Class of 2015 Scholarship
Trinity Giles-Breeden

Jerry & Joe Goss Memorial Scholarship
$425 to honor the memory of NVHS graduates Jerry and Joe Goss to a senior who has been an active member of band or orchestra.
Emily Waldo

Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship
$300 Dakota Collins
Emily Montgomery

Louise "Pete" Clerkin Scholarship
Funded by the Ladies Golf Association of the Muscatatuck Recreation Corporation for a senior member of the golf team.

Ellie Hearne

Marilyn & Warren Guild Engineering Scholarship

Cameron Woodard

Mark McCammon Scholarship
$300 to an athlete who has participated in track and or cross country for two years, one season being in the senior year.

Anthony Siener

Mary Louise Shonfeld Memorial Scholarship
$250 award to a JCHS senior who participated in girls' sports.

Izabelle Daugherty

Memories of Bigger Township
$445 award to a resident of Bigger Township.

Christian Brooks

Morgan Rhea Gibson Memorial Scholarship
$150 for a student who participated in Pantherettes Dance Team or JC fast pitch softball and plans to continue their education.

Katelynn Mahoney

Morgan Wright Memorial Scholarship
$950 in memory of Morgan Wright, who lost a battle with cancer at 16. Because of her love for softball and nursing, this award is for a graduate pursuing nursing or a fast pitch athlete studying education.

Carissa Sabelhaus

Muscatatuck Board of Realtors Scholarship
Hailey Sorrells

Paris Crossing Alumni Scholarship
$500 for students living in Lovett, Marion or Montgomery Townships.

Molly Bertram
Zane Law
Alydia Waggoner

Paul Todorovich Family Memorial Scholarship
$300 to JCHS graduates majoring in the field of education.

Claire Ashcraft
Emma Morrison

Psi Iota Xi Sorority Scholarship
$200 for the study of speech and hearing.
Abigail Rowlett

Regal Rug Scholarship
$500 scholarships to a son or daughter of Regal Rug NV employee with at least 2 years seniority.

Dana Money
Sadie Marsh
Lauren Green
Justin Brogdon
Jaydan Vanosdol
Ellie Banks

Richard & Anna Marie Mayer Scholarship
$500 award to study at an IN college/university.
Joseph Kelley

Robert & Florence Cardinal Memorial Scholarship
$1,500 award from Linda Erler in memory of her mother & father to a student who has faced hardships.

Reagan Gatrell

Stephen E. Jones Memorial Scholarship
$1,300 scholarship for a student pursuing studies in the field of music.

Kylean Lacey

Sue Ellen Jones Memorial Scholarship
$372 to a senior who attended either NV or Brush Creek Elementary and who plans to attend an Indiana school for elementary education.

Emma Morrison

Vernon High School Alumni Scholarship
$1,000 for a descendant of a Vernon High School graduate.

Wyatt St. John

Wildey Family Scholarship
$125 to a student pursuing their education and are most likely to succeed.

Abigail Vogel

Burlin & Viola King Scholarship
$500 renewable scholarship in memory of the late owners of the Plain Dealer & Sun.

Abigail Rowlett

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